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                     KDT Machinery Ltd

                      Stock Code:002833





                    Service Period:8:30~18:00

                    Service Hotline: 400-8853-553
                    Phone:+86-20-82529888 / 82528999
                    Official Website:www.kdtmac.com


                    Copyright ? Guangzhou KDT Machinery Ltd . ICPNumber12092924       Website building:300.cn


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                    How much do you know about KE-396JB beveled edge sealing machine of Secret Archives?
                    Phase I: About the Inclined Edge Sealing Machine
                    Outsourcing buyer 3
                    Release time:
                    2017-11-13 09:42
                    1. Responsible for the external processing arrangement of non-standard parts, tracking the processing progress, and purchasing the processed parts on time and in quantity; ?????? 2. Responsible for signing a purchase contract with the customer and urging the contract to perform as scheduled; ?????? 3. Understand the production status of the supplier and provide timely feedback to provide guidance for the procurement management personnel to carry out the deployment control; ?????? 4. In-depth understanding of the configuration of machined parts of the company's production equipment; ?????? 5. Develop new suppliers and supply channels.
                    Cashier 1
                    Release time:
                    2017-11-13 09:41
                    Responsible for the collection and payment management of the company's funds, rational allocation, use of funds to ensure the safety of funds and property. Second, the establishment of contract files for contract management. Third, blank bills, agreement storage, sorting of various documents. 4. Provide timely details of the balance of book funds and changes in the use and use of funds. 5. Calculation and issuance of wage expenses. 6. Other matters of accountability.
                    Electrical Control Technician / Assistant Engineer 1
                    Mainly engaged in R & D and design of automation machinery and equipment control circuit and PLC program and software engineers to design and debug the CNC equipment drive and sensing system, the existing automatic control system to meet the national standard and CE safety specifications of electrical optimization.
                    Mechanical Design Technician / Assistant Engineer 2
                    主要從事機械產品設計,運用AUTO CAD/SOLIDWORKS等軟件,負責新產品開發與試制,對所設計的產品能夠進行現場追蹤并進行問題的解決,為設備生產和售后服務提供技術支持。
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