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                     KDT Machinery Ltd

                      Stock Code:002833





                    Service Period:8:30~18:00

                    Service Hotline: 400-8853-553
                    Phone:+86-20-82529888 / 82528999
                    Official Website:www.kdtmac.com


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                    [In-depth interview] start! Hosting the drafting of this national standard, Hongya CNC, the background of strength is absolutely


                    [Core Tips] Recently, the General Rules for the Acceptance of Panel Furniture Panel Production Lines, drafted by Guangzhou Hongya CNC Machinery Co., Ltd., was issued by the National Standards Management Committee. This is the first national standard for the production line of panel furniture machinery industry in China. This standard provides quality inspection and acceptance basis for the installation, commissioning, accuracy testing and safety requirements of China's panel furniture production line.

                    Liu Fenghua, deputy general manager of Hongya CNC


                    "It is fortunate to be the main drafting unit to participate in the preparation of this national standard. We hope that the formulation of this standard will be beneficial to the sound development of the woodworking machinery industry and provide the basis for quality assurance for manufacturers and users of automated production lines. The woodworking machinery industry is moving towards With the development of “Comprehensive Solution”, we hope that the production line products in the future will be able to achieve clear and comprehensive performance parameters, safe operation and environmental protection.”
                    ——Liu Fenghua, deputy general manager of Hongya CNC


                    Hongya CNC Guangzhou Headquarters


                    Founded in 2006, Guangzhou Hongya CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hongya CNC”, stock code 002833) is a company specializing in the manufacture of CNC furniture for panel furniture. Its main products cover processing equipment, edge banding machines and CNC cutting. Panel saws, machining centers, multi-row drills, automated production lines, etc., have continuously developed high-integration CNC products in recent years, which can fully meet the needs of panel furniture manufacturers for the overall solution.
                    In recent years, along with this trend of the custom home industry, Hongya CNC has also ushered in a period of rapid development of the company, with annual growth rates of 30%-40%, or even close to 50%.
                    In December 2016, Hongya CNC successfully launched its listing in Shenzhen SME Board.
                    As a domestic woodworking machinery brand established for more than 11 years, Hongya CNC has formed a good reputation in the panel furniture equipment industry. In terms of brand operation, Hongya CNC has two brands, “Jingdong Machinery” and “Dicode Machinery”.


                    In the industry, talking about the East Machinery or Dicode Machinery, everyone is familiar, but the relationship between them is a little strange. For the original intention of setting up these two brands, and the positioning between them, Liu Fenghua, deputy general manager of Extreme East Machinery, gave a detailed introduction to the author.
                    “Jidong Machinery” was the first brand established when Hongya CNC was founded. The English is “KDT”. At the beginning of the establishment of Hongya CNC, the company had some Korean technicians, and it was the efforts of this part of the technicians that promoted the rapid start of the company. The three letters "KDT" are shorthand for the Korean alphabet of "Jidong Machinery". This trademark is also mainly used in foreign markets. The goal of “KDT” is to lead the technological upgrading of domestic plate equipment and replace European advanced equipment.
                    The introduction of the “Dicode Machinery” brand is mainly for the comparison of standardized equipment to meet the needs of customers with high requirements for equipment economy, in order to obtain a wider market coverage.



                    Hongya CNC started from the edge banding machine and cut into the woodworking machinery industry. Until last year, the annual output of edge banding machines exceeded 6,000 units, ranking first in the world, and the output of CNC panel saws exceeded 1,000 units. CNC products such as CNC and CNC drills have also improved rapidly, especially in the field of automated production lines.
                    In the view of Vice President Liu, Hongya CNC is a light asset and high-growth enterprise. The dealer system is the company's largest asset. Hongya CNC's products are systematically trained and rely entirely on dealers for sales and service, in order to improve personnel management and execution efficiency.
                    Strengthen infrastructure and technological transformation, research and development
                    After the listing, Hongya CNC has promoted a series of major constructions. According to Vice President Liu, this construction focuses on two major aspects: production technology transformation, infrastructure construction and technology research and development.



                    In the specific construction project, Hongya CNC strengthened the construction investment and original factory transformation of the factory. While improving the company's headquarters park, the company also implemented basic transformation and capacity improvement projects at the Sichuan plant to better meet the development of the downstream industry.
                    In terms of technology research and development, Hongya CNC has also increased its research and development in all aspects, especially the investment in software research and development. Since its launch, the company's R&D staff has grown by at least 50%.



                    Along with the trend of custom home furnishing industry, the cooperation between the company and the well-known custom manufacturers is getting closer and closer. The equipment optimization and technology update are constantly being updated, and the application and application of IT systems are enabled to enable the company to sell and technical services to downstream manufacturers. Support capacity has increased to a new level.
                    Develop MES system to realize "plug and play" of products
                    In the research and development of CNC, Hongya CNC has invested heavily in software. In the plan of Hongya CNC, the development of CNC products in the future will be on a higher level to achieve easy docking with third-party software.
                    In this regard, Vice President Liu said that Hongya CNC will consider the development of MES site management system, and the data interaction with furniture design software and management software will not be "NC code", but "XML", "MPR" and other description files.
                    The goal of Hongya CNC is to enable “plug and play” after the equipment is delivered to the factory customers, instead of doing file and docking systems in various formats.



                    In the concept of Vice President Liu, Hongya CNC is doing MES in order to better solve the industry pain points of on-site data docking, but the company does not involve front-end furniture design, rendering, unpacking, ERP software development, but Do your best to make your products work. The furniture design software is handed over to the most professional software companies, and many software companies can become partners of Hongya CNC.
                    Make a metaphor. Companies that produce printers will certainly develop their own drivers, rather than developing "Photoshop" or "WORD" software; in turn, companies that do upper-level software don't have to worry about whether printer design has changed. Both parties can interface with each other through standard page description data interaction information.
                    Therefore, Vice President Liu believes that the healthiest mode of the industry should be "the industry has a specialization." The software company is responsible for the design and business management software, and the mechanical enterprise is responsible for the mechanical equipment and optimization and driver programs. The connection between the upper layer software and the device can be realized by describing the data format by the existing standard board.



                    This can greatly promote the wide application of the automatic production line in the furniture industry. No matter which manufacturer's equipment, as long as it conforms to the common standard description data format, it can be plug-and-play access to the production line, so that users can get The biggest benefit, the expansion and adjustment of the production line is also very convenient and efficient.
                    Industry's first national standard injects competitiveness into "Made in China"
                    As one of the representative brands of domestic woodworking machinery, in the 11 years of development, the company also participated in the drafting of a number of industry standards. According to Vice President Liu, the company has participated in the development of a number of industry standards on the edge products, such as edge banding machines, CNC panel saws, multi-row drills and push table saws.

                    These standards provide a reference for the geometric accuracy, machining accuracy, finished product precision, testing methods and safety and environmental performance of woodworking machinery.
                    The national standard of the recent sunrise - "General Rules for the Acceptance of Panel Furniture Panel Production Line" not only specifies the geometric accuracy, work accuracy and other indicators, but also on the basis of the reference to foreign standards, the following aspects are specified:
                    First, it is required to specify the parameters of the production line site and power supply gas supply, no-load and load test, processing range, and processing pass rate under various working conditions in the form of documents, as the basis for acceptance;
                    Second, the production safety requirements and inspection methods are clarified. For example, the requirements for safety interlocks are particularly emphasized. This aspect is often overlooked in many domestic production lines;
                    Third, the environmental requirements of the entire production line, such as the limitation of noise and dust, are clarified.
                    The introduction of this national standard can guarantee the healthy development of the woodworking machinery industry, especially the automated production line. With this basis, both the supply and demand sides can strengthen coordination and communication according to this standard, reduce disputes, and improve the comprehensive level of domestic production line equipment, and strengthen the competitiveness in the international market.


                    The domestic launch of the "General Rules for the Acceptance of Panel Furniture Panel Production Lines" is a milestone for the development of the woodworking machinery industry.
                    Since its inception, “Jidong Machinery” and “KDT” brand have been the market for a medium-to-high-end positioning. Over the years, the company has received positive response from the market with relatively good product quality and good service reputation.
                    In the view of Vice President Liu, Hongya CNC should "do something, do something", and companies will not do low-end products for immediate interests and cost issues. The industry is always upgrading, and the development of enterprises must also conform to the trend of the industry.
                    The market size of China's woodworking machinery accounts for 25-30% of the world's total, and it is still growing every year. However, domestic high-end equipment and production lines are mainly controlled by foreign giants such as Haomai and Bias, and 75% overseas. The market can be developed.
                    As one of the leading companies in China's panel equipment, Hongya CNC has set an example in terms of products and contributed to the healthy competition and healthy development of the industry. It is hoped that the domestic woodworking machinery brand represented by Hongya CNC can truly take the “Made in China” and gradually step onto the world stage.