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                    Custom furniture industry status

                    Abstract: With the improvement of people's requirements for furniture products and the pursuit of individuality, custom furniture has shown good development potential. This paper introduces the current status of the custom furniture industry. Through this research, we will strengthen the production and management of customized furniture, ensure the quality of furniture products, and enhance the international competitiveness of China's furniture products.
                    1. The concept of custom furniture
                    The so-called "customized furniture" is the individual that the furniture enterprise regards as a separate market segment on the basis of mass production, and completes the design according to the requirements of the consumers and produces according to the design requirements. Exclusive furniture. The custom furniture concept here has to meet two prerequisites: first, its organizational production method is based on the mechanical-information technology system for mass production; second, the furniture design to meet the individual needs of consumers. With the improvement of product requirements, the pursuit of individuality, the richness of architectural forms and the complexity of the use of indoor space, large-scale mass production of furniture has become more and more difficult to meet the needs of different people and space functions. In order to improve competitiveness and adapt to the requirements of modern market segmentation, custom furniture came into being.
                    In recent years, the booming development of the real estate industry has also played a strong role in promoting the design and production of furniture. People's demand for furniture and the variety of demand are increasing. Batch furniture can only meet people's requirements for quantity. Large-volume furniture is difficult to meet due to the special needs of space [2]. After all, the design and production of large-scale furniture is for the public. It can only cater to most people and space in terms of form and demand. Under this market environment trend, the development of custom furniture is very good.
                    2, the status of custom furniture
                    2.1 Great market growth potential
                    Compared with the traditional batch of finished furniture, custom furniture has a large competitive advantage in meeting the individualized needs of consumers. The main custom furniture enterprises have achieved a high growth rate of more than 30% in recent years, which is significantly higher than the overall growth of the furniture industry. rate. The custom furniture industry has shown rapid development in the past few years, and custom furniture has accounted for 20% of the furniture market in China. If the accumulated main business income of enterprises above designated size in the furniture industry in 2015 is 787.725 billion yuan, the market share of customized furniture is about 157.5 billion yuan. With the improvement of the living standards and cultural level of domestic residents, the married couples after 80 and 90 have gradually become the main consumers of consumption, and their awareness of the independent design of the home environment will be increasingly enhanced. Since the customized furniture can be tailor-made and personalized design and combination, the whole wardrobe has become a hot spot for home decoration consumption. Many research institutions are optimistic about the prospects of the industry and "Qian Jing".
                    2.2 Product online marketing gradually shows
                    In 2016, after 85, the crowd broke through the 30-year-old pass, and after 90, they also entered the marriage stage. With the overall improvement of people's education level, the demand for personalized, artistic, cultural and design of furniture products will further increase. At the same time, the choice of consumer channels after the 80s and 90s is becoming more and more Internet-based. A survey conducted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China on 5,000 urban respondents showed that the expected purchase rate of large furniture in the first quarter of 2016 was 12.2%, up from the previous month and the same period of the previous year. Respondents expect that the proportion of “stores” purchasing large furniture in the first quarter of 2016 will be 59.4%, a slight increase from the previous month and a year-on-year decrease; the proportion of “physical stores + online shopping” (31.0%) will decrease slightly from the previous year. Rising; the proportion of “pure online shopping” (8.4%) was higher than the same period of last year. Faced with such a trend, more and more custom furniture companies began to lay out online marketing channels, in addition to the traditional website construction, it has added new modes such as mobile terminals such as WeChat marketing and mobile app. In 2016, customized furniture implemented marketing Internet transformation, realized deep marketing data mining and management opportunities; accelerated the layout of electronic storefront experience tools, improved consumer experience and improved order conversion rate.
                    2.3 Drive industry consumption and upgrade
                    The rapid development of the furniture market, especially the custom furniture market, is inseparable from the urbanization process in China. On the one hand, the disposable income of the urban population is relatively high, and the purchasing power is strong. The increase of the urban population, especially the increase of the newly-married population, makes the custom furniture after the purchase of new houses. Demand for products increases; on the other hand, urban populations are more sensitive to fashion trends
                    Sense, more attention to custom furniture brands, quality choices, and accelerate the pace of industry updates. Therefore, the acceleration of China's urbanization process will provide a broad market space for the development of the custom furniture industry. With the development of macro economy, the disposable income of urban residents in China has continued to grow, and the consumption power of residents has greatly increased. With the increase of disposable income, the consumption structure and consumption concept of residents have also undergone certain changes. The factors affecting residents' consumption behavior have gradually evolved from simple price factors to comprehensive factors such as brand, quality, reputation, service, and shopping environment. This laid a good foundation for the rapid development of the custom furniture industry, and led to the consumption upgrade of the custom furniture industry.
                    3. Research purposes and significance
                    In recent years, consumers have increasingly focused on improving the quality of life. On the basis of practicality, furniture has played an important role in its artistic value and aesthetic function. Consumers pursue individuality, so customization becomes a fashion trend. It is foreseeable that customized furniture will be recognized by more and more consumers. When people buy furniture, they often have to
                    Choose from different styles, materials, sizes, styles, etc. Therefore, people often can not choose their favorite furniture. Therefore, in order to meet the various personal needs of different consumers for furniture, custom furniture caters to the needs of this part of the consumer group, especially in the life of first-tier cities, which is more and more popular among consumers.
                    However, since the custom furniture products belong to the emerging furniture products in recent years, and they are also tailor-made products, the quality of the products is uneven in the market. The key point is that the furniture industry still lacks the relevant standards of custom furniture to regulate the custom furniture. Product quality. The standardized research of customized furniture will fully guarantee the product quality of customized furniture, promote the flourishing development of the custom furniture industry, and inject new vitality into the furniture industry, which not only provides new technical support for China's furniture design, but also brings the development of furniture economy. The new growth point will further promote the further development of China's furniture industry and improve the competitiveness of China's furniture products in the domestic and international markets.
                    4, the conclusion
                    The flourishing development of customized furniture is leading the second revolution of the furniture industry chain. It is believed that this revolutionary change will greatly improve the production efficiency of the industrial chain and drive the upgrading of the entire furniture industry chain. The scientific and rationality of the standardization requirements for customized furniture products affects the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of furniture consumers. Through this research
                    Research, we can strengthen the regulation and management in the production process of customized furniture products, improve the safety of the use of furniture products, thereby promoting the healthy development of the industry, promoting technological advancement of enterprises, regulating market order, and upgrading our country.
                    With the international competitiveness of products.