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                    Woodworking industry development

                    "Made in China 2025" will promote the rapid development of woodworking machinery
                    Abstract: This paper is about the background, significance of the implementation of "Made in China 2025", the current status of China's woodworking machinery industry, and its implementation in the woodworking machinery industry.
                    The measures were briefly described.
                    On May 8, 2015, the State Council issued the "Made in China 2025" and deployed a comprehensive strategy to promote the implementation of a manufacturing power. This is the action plan for China's implementation of the first decade of the strategy of manufacturing a strong country. At the same time, it is directly related to the future development direction of China's woodworking machinery industry. It has formulated basic principles for the industry planning in the next decade and put forward specific development goals. In order to enable the majority of woodworking machinery enterprises to better understand, implement and implement "Made in China 2025", this article takes "Made in China 2025" as the center and gives a brief introduction to the industry on several issues, which is convenient for the industry to strengthen the "Made in China". Implementation of 2025.
                    1 The historical background and significance of the publication of the "Made in China 2025" program
                    1.1 Background
                    Manufacturing is the main body of the national economy, and it is the foundation of the country, the instrument of rejuvenating the country, and the foundation of a strong country. Since the opening of industrial civilization in the middle of the eighteenth century, the history of the struggle of the world powers and the Chinese nation has repeatedly proved that without a strong manufacturing industry, there is no national and national prosperity. Creating an internationally competitive manufacturing industry is the only way for China to enhance its overall national strength, ensure national security, and build a world power. Since the reform and opening up, China's manufacturing industry has continued to develop rapidly, and has established a complete, independent and complete industrial system, which has effectively promoted the process of industrialization and modernization, significantly enhanced the overall national strength and supported the status of China's world power. However, compared with the world's advanced level, China's manufacturing industry is still large but not strong. The gaps in independent innovation capability, resource utilization efficiency, industrial structure level, informationization level, and quality and efficiency are obvious. The task of transformation and upgrading and leapfrogging is urgent. And arduous.
                    At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation has formed a historic convergence with China's accelerated transformation of economic development mode, and the international industrial division of labor is being reshaped. We must firmly grasp this major historical opportunity, implement the strategy of manufacturing a strong country in accordance with the requirements of the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, strengthen overall planning and forward-looking deployment, and strive to achieve a hundred years of the founding of New China through three decades of efforts. To build China into a powerful country that leads the development of the world's manufacturing industry and lay a solid foundation for realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In view of the above background, on March 5, 2015, when Premier Li Keqiang made the "Government Work Report" at the National People's Congress, he first proposed the grand plan of "Made in China 2025". And on May 8, 2015, the State Council officially issued "Made in China 2025" in China.
                    1.2 Meaning
                    In the period of international industrial transformation, the Chinese government has fundamentally changed the manufacturing industry and the strong backwardness, and formulated the "Made in China 2025" 10-year action plan, laying a solid foundation for China's manufacturing industry to enter the ranks of industrial powers. It has pointed out the direction for the development of the industry in the next ten years and created a good environment for the development of the enterprise.
                    2 Status of China's woodworking machinery manufacturing industry
                    After decades of development, especially in the 30 years after the reform and opening up, China's woodworking machinery manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. In terms of output, it has caught up with Japan, surpassed Germany and Italy, and has become the largest producer of woodworking machinery in today, but there is still a big gap between the level of technological innovation and product quality and the level of advanced countries in the world. The reasons for analysis are as follows:
                    2.1 Insufficient innovation
                    The fundamental reason for the gap between the technological content of woodworking machinery manufacturing in China and similar foreign products is that we do not have unique innovative products. For a long time, we have followed a road of imitation. In particular, some small businesses do not have the ability to develop products. They are limited to tinkering with certain products and lack large-scale product innovation. According to the data, there are very few invention patents in woodworking machinery in China, and the most common ones are utility models and design patents.
                    The reasons for the lack of innovation are as follows: First, the current technological innovation is still dominated by the government, and it has not really played the main role of the enterprise. Second, the company's scientific and technological innovation is insufficient, and the income of most SMEs can only maintain normal production and administrative expenses, and there is no extra funds to develop new products. Third, the technical strength of enterprises, especially high-end talents, is extremely scarce. Fourth, the mechanism for technological innovation is not perfect. At present, China's scientific and technological innovation work is mainly undertaken by various scientific research institutions and colleges and universities. The lack of necessary information communication between enterprises and these fields has affected the rapid transfer of scientific and technological achievements to production enterprises and the transformation of productivity.
                    2.2 Product standardization revision needs to be strengthened
                    After more than half a century of rapid development, China's woodworking machinery has achieved certain achievements in its standardization construction, which can guide normal production and play a huge role in becoming China's largest woodworking machinery producer. According to the requirements of the world's manufacturing powers, the existing standardization construction situation in China still needs to be further strengthened, especially in the formulation of innovative product standards.
                    2.3 Internet penetration needs to be improved
                    With the continuous development of high-tech, all major woodworking machinery companies have carried out large-scale reforms and innovations to adapt to the current situation. The Internet era has pointed out the direction of reform and brought many intelligent technologies. Many companies in the industry have adopted the Internet as the main management method in the management process, and have achieved great success. However, there are still a large number of enterprises in the industry who are self-sufficient, not Dare to try and experience new things, hinder the development of the enterprise, and affect the overall Internet penetration rate of the industry.
                    2.4 The production equipment is not sophisticated and cannot guarantee the technical requirements for the manufacture of high-end products.
                    The quality of a woodworking machine is directly related to the advancement and quality of the working machine that manufactures it. With the improvement of science and technology, automation, numerical control and intelligent working machines such as machining centers and flexible automatic production lines have everything in the domestic and foreign markets. It has created convenient conditions for enterprises to purchase advanced equipment. For a company, the choice of processing equipment is different because of the different understandings. Some enterprises clearly recognize the importance of the work machine to improve the quality of products. For example, Nanxing Equipment Co., Ltd. can always put the production equipment construction in the company's work first, and spend huge sums of money every year to purchase advanced equipment at home and abroad. The number of CNC machining centers owned by the company ranks first in the domestic woodworking machinery manufacturing industry. Due to the excellent equipment, the quality of the products is excellent. Some users have not yet realized the close relationship between equipment and product quality. They still cannot take production equipment construction as an important part of enterprise management. Even the existing equipment cannot be scientifically managed, and regular maintenance and maintenance of equipment cannot be done. Presenting a mess of equipment management, wanting horses to run, not giving horses
                    Grazing, resulting in equipment can not meet the production process requirements, product qualification rate reduction, equipment life expectancy, seriously affecting the survival and development of enterprises.
                    2.5 Raw materials and major spare parts manufactured by domestic products are not closed
                    Due to the gap between the level of domestic metal smelting technology and machinery manufacturing technology and the level of foreign advanced technology countries. For many years, key materials such as metal materials, motors, bearings, and CNC used in the manufacture of woodworking machinery and tools have to be imported from the world's advanced technology countries. Because the purchase price is expensive, some even exceed the price of domestic products by 10 times, which invisibly increases the cost of machinery and seriously affects the development of enterprises. Therefore, it is urgent to accelerate the improvement of the quality of domestic raw materials and mechanical parts and components, and reduce imports from abroad. Reduce the manufacturing cost of woodworking machinery as much as possible.
                    2.6 Product homogenization and homology are serious
                    For a long time, due to the lack of scientific layout and division of labor, China's woodworking machinery products have been too concentrated and single, and the problems of homogenization and homogenization are very serious. According to the data, there are more than 200 woodworking machinery enterprises in Qingdao. Most of them produce homogenous sanding machines. More than 300 enterprises in Guangdong Shunde woodworking machinery have similar situations. In the current situation of insufficient purchasing power in the market, the quality is slightly worse. The product will cause excessive inventory, resulting in overcapacity.
                    2.7 Low cost performance of the product
                    Through the long-term supervision and management of domestic woodworking machinery products and customer evaluation by the relevant quality inspection departments of the country, it reflects that the quality of woodworking machinery in China has always been in a stable development state, which can basically meet the production needs, but similar products with advanced countries in foreign countries. In comparison, there is still a certain gap in the evaluation of the cost performance indicators. Although it has a price advantage, if it is comprehensively evaluated in terms of technical performance, the operability, safety, work accuracy and service life of the machine tool are lower than those of foreign countries, and it cannot meet the production requirements of high-end furniture export. The furniture manufacturer in order to meet the export of high-end furniture abroad. Requirements, have to import high-end furniture production equipment from Germany, Italy.
                    3. Only by thoroughly implementing the "Made in China 2025", China's woodworking machinery can become bigger and stronger.
                    The programmatic document "Made in China 2025" set goals for Chinese woodworking machinery and pointed out the direction. The vast number of woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises, relevant administrative departments and associations must follow the central government's unified deployment, and take action to make unremitting efforts for China to realize the dream of "woodworking machinery and power". It is recommended that the following major tasks be planned in the near future:
                    3.1 Increase the promotion of "Made in China 2025"
                    The competent authorities of the industry should organize enterprises to learn and deeply understand the main content and essence of "Made in China 2025" and promote the implementation of the tasks of "Made in China 2025". The competent department shall organize meetings to mobilize the work, and require all enterprises to strengthen the study of industrial transformation and upgrading and the related knowledge of "Made in China 2025", so that they can apply what they have learned. It also requires enterprises to accelerate implementation, strengthen organizational leadership, focus on key areas and key links, vigorously implement project-driven, and carry out new actions in the process of implementing China's manufacturing power.
                    3.2 Give full play to the role of association bridges and bridges, make woodworking machinery bigger and stronger
                    Domestic China Forestry Machinery Association, China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Association, China Furniture Association, China Decoration Association and other related professional associations have fully played the role of the bridge of the association over the years, and made the work leading the Chinese woodworking machinery to become bigger and stronger. contribution. In today's woodworking machinery industry, we must march forward to the goal of building a powerful country like woodworking machinery. In such a very special period, the association should continue to make suggestions for the development of the industry and mobilize the country's outstanding professional elites to develop a woodworking machinery powerhouse. The development plan helps the enterprise to do a good job in talent team building, technological innovation, product structure adjustment, brand building and so on. Communicate with the government in time, strive for more preferential policies for enterprises, and play a role in escort
                    3.3 Do a good job in technological innovation of enterprises
                    Innovation is a series of activities from the birth of new ideas to product design, trial production, production and marketing. Enterprises to do a good job in technological innovation mainly from the following aspects:
                    First, build a strong scientific and technological innovation team based on people. High-end technical talents are the main body of independent innovation of enterprises, and are the valuable wealth of enterprises. They also mark the technological level, product development and market competitiveness of an enterprise. Enterprises should pay attention to the construction of technical innovation teams, and take up the development of new products and the technical improvement of existing products. The main members of the team should be technical management experts who have a keen sense of innovation and understand technology, management and professionalism. The primary task of improving the innovation capability of enterprises is to cultivate talents and establish a scientific talent incentive mechanism. While focusing on the construction of high-end technology innovation teams, enterprises must vigorously promote the "artisan spirit." In the production practice, the enterprise should train a group of workers with exquisite workmanship, technological advancement and dedication to work in a timely manner, and through various assessments of work practices, complete the plan of selecting and selecting artisans, so that they can become the skilled craftsmen of the production line of the enterprise and become the products. The technical master of quality level has become the backbone of enterprise technology innovation. Their achievements in corporate technology innovation must be recognized and promoted. The second is to increase the research and development capabilities of enterprises. We will do a good job in tackling key cutting-edge key technologies, drive creative research and application technology development, and conduct secondary development on the basis of digestion and absorption of imported technologies to enhance the independent development and innovation capabilities of enterprises. At the same time, in accordance with market demand, we must vigorously develop production technology with independent intellectual property rights and brand-name products and new products with high added value, making it a powerful weapon to enter the international market.
                    3.4 Strengthening standardization construction and promoting new product development process
                    With the acceleration of the "Made in China 2025" process, higher requirements have been put forward for the advancement, scientificity and accuracy of product standards. Foreign experience has fully proved that only advanced standards can guarantee that products are in a leading position. German and Italian woodworking machinery are supported by advanced standards, so their products are always in the international leading position, monopolizing the international market of similar products. . If we want to surpass them in a short period of time, we must speed up the standardization construction, focus on the development of high-end products, start from the improvement of basic standards, accelerate the formulation of innovative product standards, and must update and update the current standards. Give full play to the role of standards in the supervision and guidance of production.
                    3.5 Strengthening infrastructure construction
                    Enterprises should strengthen the infrastructure construction of production equipment and plant equipment from the perspectives of improving work efficiency, reducing production costs, improving workers' operating environment, and energy conservation and environmental protection. For enterprises to participate in the construction of "Made in China 2025", prepare for the preliminary work. The world has entered the high-tech era, and intelligence has been popularized in many fields. The flexible intelligent production line has brought dividends to enterprises, which also pointed out the direction of the construction of "Made in China 2025" for the woodworking machinery industry. The enterprise equipment construction will start from now, make a technical assessment of the existing equipment, carry out scientific certification according to the products developed in the future, and combine the actual situation of the enterprise to make technological innovation of the equipment on the basis of making full use of the existing equipment. Purchasing modern production equipment, repairing or renovating existing equipment, and eliminating infrastructure for the manufacture of high-end products. In terms of plant construction, it is necessary to design and construct according to the new standards of industrial modernized factories. Especially for some old woodworking machinery enterprises or rental factory manufacturers, we must proceed from the requirements of earthquake prevention, fire prevention, environmental protection, personal safety, production line process equipment, and cannot be paralyzed. In general, otherwise the production equipment and personal injury accidents will be caused by the construction of the plant, which will cause unnecessary impact on the enterprise and the surrounding environment.
                    3.6 Strengthening the manufacturing of key spare parts for high-end woodworking machinery
                    CNC woodworking machine tools are still in their infancy in China. In order to meet the basic technical requirements of CNC machine tools, some key components of high-end CNC woodworking machine tools need to be imported from abroad. Due to the high price of imported parts, the manufacturing cost of machine tools is increased. From the perspective of development, only the core components can be completely localized, and we can get rid of the constraints of foreign forces on the development of woodworking machinery in China. To this end, China's CNC parts suppliers have put forward higher requirements, and it is necessary to produce domestically produced spare parts that have reached the international advanced level as soon as possible, so as to ensure that all of China's high-end woodworking machinery parts and components are localized and can participate in foreign similar countries as soon as possible. Market competition for products.
                    3.7 Introducing modern management methods to make enterprises bigger and stronger
                    The rapid development of science and technology has brought many modern working methods and brought people into the information age, Internet, big data, cloud
                    3.7 Introducing modern management methods to make enterprises bigger and stronger
                    The rapid development of science and technology has brought many modern working methods to people and brought people into the information age. Internet, big data and cloud computing have provided fast, convenient and cheap working methods for the industrialization process. These informatization means will also provide a convenient way for the rapid development of China's woodworking machinery. China's woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises must also keep up with the rapid development pace, and soon introduce Internet, big data and cloud computing into the modern management of woodworking machinery enterprises. It lays a high-speed channel for the rapid dissemination of industrial information, new product development and sales.
                    3.8 Under the guidance of the national “Belt and Road” strategy, the company will develop abroad
                    In the current weak international economic situation, many foreign countries are in urgent need of new economic growth points. The implementation of the “Belt and Road” has opened up the channels for trade and economic cooperation in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, East Africa and Europe. All the way up the development of neighboring countries has created great opportunities. Through interoperability with these countries, it is of great significance to accelerate the structural upgrading of enterprise products, transfer excess capacity, make full use of foreign cheap labor, and allow Chinese woodworking machinery to cover foreign markets. China's vast woodworking machinery enterprises should see the future of foreign development. Especially in the situation that the domestic woodworking machinery market is intensified competition, homogenization, serious homogenization and economic benefits, some qualified enterprises may choose a country suitable for their own development to conduct a pilot and find a new economy. growth point. For example, Jiangsu Xugong Group's 70% profit is obtained through the establishment of factories in the neighboring countries of the “Belt and Road”. So far, no plan has been found for a woodworking machinery company to set up a factory abroad. As a woodworking machinery enterprise in China, it should learn from other brother industries, and must boldly go out and take a new path to completely change the existing predicament. .
                    3.9 Do a good job in market research and do a good job in supply-side structural reform
                    Starting from the downstream industry of woodworking machinery, we will do a good job in the investigation and research of the woodworking machinery market. In accordance with the five tasks of the supply-side reform, we will do a good job of de-capacity, de-stocking, deleveraging, cost reduction, and short-boarding, and analyze the problems on the supply side one by one. Reasons, timely measures, combined with the company's own capabilities, research and development of woodworking machinery products with high technical content and exquisite quality in line with the requirements of the production situation. Eliminate the recurrence of homogenization and homogenization, thoroughly purify the domestic woodworking machinery market environment, and create favorable conditions for the healthy and orderly development of the domestic woodworking machinery market.
                    3.10 Do a good job in corporate intellectual property protection
                    In the era of rapid economic development, intellectual property is of great significance to the development of enterprises. Establishing a sound intellectual property protection system in this enterprise and implementing intellectual property protection is an important prerequisite that must be considered in the economic development of an enterprise. Only in this way can we better protect the intellectual property rights of enterprises from infringement and better protect them through intellectual property protection. Encourage employees to innovate, reduce product costs, increase corporate profits, and prevent research results from being stolen by others, so that enterprises will always occupy the commanding heights of technology in the fierce market competition, and enable enterprises to remain invincible in a complex economic environment.
                    3.11 Establish multiple woodworking machinery industry clusters to improve the competitiveness of foreign markets in the industry
                    On the basis of structural reform on the supply side, give full play to the guiding role of governments at all levels and associations, rationally carry out industrial layout, take large-scale key enterprises as the axis, and plan to establish a number of woodworking machinery industry clusters in China to give full play to the industry. The role of the cluster. In a certain space, reach a high concentration of domestic industry to achieve lower
                    The goal of manufacturing costs, increasing economies of scale, and improving the competitiveness of industries and enterprises. Through vertical integration, it can form a certain competitive advantage in terms of production cost, raw material supply, product sales channels and prices, and form a strong barrier; through vertical integration behavior, it can improve the sensitivity of enterprises to market information; The integration behavior has enabled the company to enter the high-tech industry and the high-profit industry team, and truly play a positive role.
                    3.12 Adopt a reasonable financing structure to ensure smooth operation of the corporate capital chain
                    Finance is the core of the modern economy and an integral part of the productivity of enterprises. The development of an enterprise must be supported by funds. The source of enterprise development funds can be from the accumulation of the enterprise itself. In addition, external financing can also be carried out by means of financial markets. The modern financing system provides a variety of alternative channels. How to identify the pros and cons of these channels and use it to promote corporate health “transfusion” is a problem that every company must seriously consider. The investment of the enterprise must be scientifically demonstrated, adopt the best financing structure applicable to the actual production and development of the enterprise, and must prevent the blind investment from being deviated from reality. The enterprise must strengthen the strict control of funds and ensure the smooth operation of the capital chain of the enterprise.
                    4 Conclusion
                    At present, the Chinese government has set a goal of achieving China's manufacturing power by 2025, and has promulgated the programmatic document "Made in China 2025". As a Chinese woodworking machinery manufacturing industry, it must also actively respond to the unified deployment of the country and fully commit itself to the construction of a strong country. Through the implementation of a series of reforms such as enterprise modernization management, strengthening standardization construction, supply-side structural reform, and improving innovation capability, through the unremitting efforts of the industry, we will realize the ambitious goal of becoming a world power of woodworking machinery at an early date; Woodworking machinery has become bigger and stronger, and has become a powerful country leading the development of the world woodworking machinery industry, enabling all countries in the world to use woodworking machinery products made in China.